It is an Impossibility to provide Service that can help and Satisfy Each and Every Clients, Customers, Consumers, a like that walks though our doors. Now having said this, we do however make every Sincere effort to accomplish just that THE IMPOSSIBILITY.


Learn when to say you are SORRY for any damages, harm, mistake or any unnatural act you may have caused to clients, customers, friends or anyone. Seek earnestly to bring closure when and where its possible to do so.

Focus on Your Character.


Nothing has to go right today for you to act with honor and character. Everyone you will meet today, despite their poor behavior, does not differ from you. There is no need, for anger, hate, or conflict. Things may not go well, and things don’t have to go well for you have to a good day.


Founded in 20122012

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  2018  (ProTrust Academy name is being Widely used by Advertise agencies, to other common law venues,  groups,  organizations and others unknown to Protrust Academy). 

Protrust Academy gave neither permission or consent to being recorded and placed into the public, nor have we endorse, support, consented to the use of Protrust Academy name, contents or its business model, do exercise caution.  

Founded in 2012 Protrust Academy and Trust Up Providers at the time of its inception our focus and drive was educating the populace about various types and varying degree’s of trust, the benefit and pitfalls of having the wrong trust, its companion topic contract law, property law, the judicial system, law enforcements and their jurisdiction allegations and oaths etc.

Beginning March 2018 we are exploring new directions but will stay on course for teaching classes.

We are proud to announce we are in the process of building several academies in various states, the new name is to be Humanity Academy. Protrust Academy is intended for the general populace.

Its becoming increasingly dis-hearting and alarming to witness the blatant dis-regard for the rule of law in the legal system.

A primary reason for building such academy intended for general populace. Having been in court myself it appears to me that the court is ruling by the law of the jungle rather then by facts presented before the court. Some judges simply do not know what is a good pleading or admissible evidence.

The education of legal profession is rapidly falling behind this need. Today more then ever our courts should be serving as a safe haven for the peaceful resolution of disputes.

                RULE OF LAW

The independence of the judicial must be guaranteed, it is of the essence of municipal legal systems that they institute judicial bodies charged among other things, with the duty of applying the law to cases brought before them and whose judgments and conclusions as to the legal merits of those cases are final.  Since just about any matter rising under any law can be subject to a conclusive court judgment, it is obvious that it is futile to guide  one’s action on the basis of the law if when the matter comes to adjudication the courts will not apply the law and will act for some other reasons.

The point can be put even more strongly. Since the court’s judgment establishes conclusively what is the law in the case before it, the litigants can be guided by law only if the judges apply the law correctly. Otherwise people will only be able to be guided by their guesses as to what the courts are likely to do but, these guesses will not be based on the law on the law.

There are increasing wide spread complaints against legal counsels for little or no legal representation when hired to do so. Hum, what has gone wrong here???

Now, the rules concerning the independence of the judiciary- the method of appointing judges, their security of tenure, the way of fixing their salaries and other conditions of service are designed to guarantee that they will be free from the extraneous pressure and independent of all authority save that of the law.  THEY ARE AND THEREFORE, ESSENTIAL FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE RULE OF LAW

The principles of natural justices must be observed open and fair hearing absence of bias and the like are obviously essential for the correct application of the law and thus through the very same considerations mentioned above to its ability to guide action. The courts should have review powers over the implementation of the other principles.

This includes review of both subordinate and parliamentary legislation and of administrative action, but in of itself it is a very limited review merely to ensure conformity to the rule of law. THE COURTS SHOULD BE EASILY ACCESSIBLE!

Given the central position of the courts in ensuring the rule of law it is obvious that their accessibility is of paramount importance. Long delays, excessive cost, may effectively turn the most enlighten law to a dead letter and frustrate’s one’s ability effectively to guide oneself by the law. The discretion of the crime-preventing agencies should not be allowed to PERVERT  THE LAW.

There are those of us who are making a conscious difference and  decision to do better, in using and incorporating the latest innovative technologies in helping us to improve, build new relationships and effective communication regularly with clients, colleagues and the public at large when necessary and focus more on the needs of the client while more importantly improve our performance time.


snapshots of services:

Bare with us as we are in the process of making  new changes to the website, we will be adding a store, do check back often!!!!

Our core function and focus is foreclosures, judicial judgment enforcement,  contract and property Law, dispute resolution, court litigation, out of court settlements, commercial properties, civil cases, sports law, employment law and tribal law.



New directions:

On April 18th 2018 I attended a Q&A brown bag luncheon session with Federal Judge Zouhary he is on the rules committees that deals with civil and criminal rules and the changes  thats coming, his presentation was centered around the new changes in civil and criminal process, the increase work load in criminal cases and civil cases, motions to dismiss, the increase of pro se litigants as much as 50% in federal courts, over 65% in state courts and even at the supreme court level over 40% pro se litigants there, moving cases to rocket dockets, meet and confer during discoveries, increases in summary judgments, using visual aide to strengthen your case before jury, swearing in new citizens/naturalization ceremonies, evidences rules, oral arguments, Protrust Academy are preparing to meet these demands with training in the use of the latest technologies and out sourcing the bulk of the work to businesses that can assist with the increase demands in the area’s mention above.


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