It is an Impossibility to provide Service that can help and Satisfy Each and Every Clients, Customers, Consumers, a like that walks though our doors. Now having said this, we do however make every Sincere effort to accomplish just that THE IMPOSSIBILITY.


Learn when to say you are SORRY for any damages, harm or mistreatment you may have caused to clients, customers, friends or anyone. Seek earnestly to bring closure when and where its possible to do so. And third seek to improve how one communicate their message with sincerity, earnest and forthright within a society that now lack these traits marginally in a hast society.


Perfection is the hall mark for greater achievements with that said Excellent requires Honing one's skills. Aim to impress the world rather then aiming to impress one's colleague's.


Founded in 2012

Founded in 2012 Protrust Academy and Trust Up Providers at the time of its inception the focus and drive was educating the populace about various types and varying degree’s of trust, the benefit and pitfalls of having the wrong trust, its companion topic contract law, property law, the judicial system, law enforcements and their jurisdiction allegations and oaths etc. Beginning March we are exploring new directions but will stay on course for teaching classes. we are proud to announce we are in the process of building several academies in various states, the new name is Humanity Academy. Its becoming increasingly dis-hearting and alarming to witness the blatant dis-regard for the rule of law in the legal system. A primary reason for building such academy intended for general populace, the general public. Having been in court myself it appears to me that the court is ruling by the law of the jungle rather then by facts presented before the court. Some judges simply do not know what is a good pleading or admissible evidence. The education of legal profession is rapidly falling behind this need. Today more then ever our courts should be serving as a safe haven for the peaceful resolution of disputes. Conflicts and disputes are part of life and whether it is a contract that is alleged to have been breached, a martial relationship that is broken or a dispute over the provisions in a will, the bottom line here is, its our courts that are called upon to hear these disputes, listen to the parties involved and attempt to reach a fair and equitable results based upon the facts presented and the law as applied. Its imperative that the courts correct their egregious stance. THE COURTS MUST REMAIN IN HONOR NO MATTER THE COST IN DOING SO.

This is what I wish to pointed out, the general public and corporate executives rely on the court system to be impartial and to also ensure that each party can have their day in court  and that each party  can equally present their facts according to the rule of law govern by the local rules, state and/or federal rules where applicable.  There are increasing wide spread complaints against legal counsels for little or no legal representation when hired to do so. Hum, what has gone wrong here???  The general public has lumped us all into one giant soup pot labeling everyone in the legal communities as crooks, yes this industry isn’t perfect, and yes we don’t always get it right either, and harm and or damages may be the direct cause of such error whether done intentionally or not, FORGIVE US, mistakes can and does happen during the course of one’s service performance. There is absolutely no grounds for the general public to label everyone that is trolling in the legal industry a butch of crooks, in the same fate we cannot say and label the entire general public ignorant. There are those of us who are making a conscious difference and  decision to do better, in using and incorporating the latest innovative technologies in helping us to improve and build new relationships and effective communication regularly with clients, colleagues, students and/or the public at large. Allowing us to spend more time on cases and case loads, provide new training to staff  expand our business, focus more on the needs of the client and more importantly improve performance time.Give us a second chance to prove our innocents, Thank You… 


Our core function and focus is foreclosures cases,  Trust, contract and property Law, family matters,  dispute resolution, litigation, commercial real estate, real property and civil cases.




Hiring and training new Staff with years of legal expertise to further assist Dr. Debra Jones in asset recovery, drafting and preparing legal documents, general and legal research, litigation and much more..


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