Dr. Debra: Jones


Here is a List of Various field of work Dr. Jones has done or currently still engaged in providing those services. This is not in chronological order.

I guess one could state “ I did not know what it was I wanted to be.”  Arising out of the ashes.


NYC Police officer
Amtrak Professional Coach cleaner
sheet metal Journeyman/woman
General Construction Contractor
Asset Protection/Real estate Atty
Professional Truck Driver
Ordain Minister
Legal Researcher
Certify Hypnotist Therapist
Private Banker
Chaplain for civilian and law-enforcement
Judicial Judgment Enforcer
Hollywood Radio/TV Producer


our principles


To Assist another on their path to greater awareness.


Always maintain spiritual integrity in the service of others.

Maintaining Spiritual Integrity has its many rewards but expensive challenges, however though the rewards are greater in number. A very strong Discipline is required.


The basis of our business model is to be the change we so diligently seek..

We are on the cutting edge of many changes in how we provide service to the public.

Our mission


Fake News is so rampant everywhere, this is the new acceptable norm.  Words are now Swords,  the business tactic of knifing each other in the back.

We however, are please to carry on with our Old Fashion Principles in providing well documented, facts finding, diligent quality research in our field of service, that is still the bedrock, The Hallmark and The foundation of a great, lasting and sustainable business.