Dr. Debra: Jones, J.D.,


Dr. Jones recently received her official Juris Doctor Degree, February 1, 2018.  Improving one’s knowledge is  an on going never ending learning.   One can never be to old to learn new, current and refreshing trends. Society is rapidly  changing before our very eyes its indeed important to keep up or get left behind in the ocean of endless age of information. Down below  are area’s of occupations I done over the number of years and  still counting.




NYC Police officer
Amtrak Professional Coach cleaner
sheet metal Journeyman/woman
General Construction Contractor
Asset Protection/Real estate Atty
Professional Truck Driver
Ordain Minister
Legal Researcher
Certify Hypnotist Therapist
Private Independent  Banker
Chaplain for civilian and law-enforcement
Judicial Judgment Enforcer
Hollywood Radio/TV Producer Oh just name a few.


our principles

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We are at a stage in our business exploring truly new ways and new possibility in delivering greater service at a quicken pace using and incorporating the latest innovative technology in reaching the global masses.

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Always maintain spiritual integrity in the service of others.

Maintaining Spiritual Integrity has its many rewards but expensive challenges, however though the rewards are greater in number. A very strong Discipline is required.

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The basis of our business model is to be the change we so diligently seek..

We are on the cutting edge of many changes in how we provide service to the public.

Our mission


Communications With Clients Often!  Fake News is so rampant everywhere, this is the new acceptable norm.  Words are now used as Swords.

We, will regularly communicate with clients. Noting that our business is not the clients therapist, but is posse to help them to meet their obligations. We do need to show more that we are sincerely sympathetic to their situations.  Client Management and communications can be stressful and difficult at times, we cannot be bother by this. Its important to remember that the clients are sensitive in nature and unlike litigators, have emotional out burst. They are in a bad situation and they hire us to fix it. As such this require us to help them work out their problems.  Client management is an important skill for any litigator, but it becomes ever more pressing when we need input from the client.. Our aim is to be the people’s champion.                                    Forgiveness is the Order of the day!!!




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