Are We a Nation of Financial Illiteracy?

Survey has shown that two-thirds of Americans can’t pass basic financial literacy test. Take out a $1000 dollar loan that has 20% rate for one year how much would you owe? Are you in business for your self can you determine your profit margins and financial loss?

If not, lets take educated steps together in improving this Ratio. Humanity Academy will be offering financial classes 101 in mid year of 2018 TBD.

So, if you want to thrive in todays economy we must challenge the status quo and get financially educated in order to succeed in business and in life general.  Do you have the right mindset towards money???  Not sure of your next step in building your wealth?



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This is taken from IRS Publication 519 (2017). Its important to understand that Multilevel marketing is recognized by the IRS as a Legitimate Business Structure.  Also look up TAX TIPS for direct sellers.

Publication 519
Cat. No. 15023T
U.S. Tax Guide
for Aliens
For use in preparing
2017 Returns  Chapter 2, page 11.

Multilevel marketing. Certain companies sell
products through a multilevel marketing arrangement,
such that an upper-tier distributor,
who has sponsored a lower-tier distributor, is
entitled to a payment from the company based
on certain activities of that lower-tier distributor.
Generally, depending on the facts, payments
from such multilevel marketing companies to independent
(non employee) distributors (upper-tier
distributors) that are based on the sales
or purchases of persons whom they have sponsored
(lower-tier distributors) constitute income
for the performance of personal services in recruiting,
training, and supporting the lower-tier
distributors. The source of such income is generally
based on where the services of the upper-tier
distributor are performed, and may, depending
on the facts, be considered multiyear
compensation, with the source of income determined
over the period to which such compensation
is attributable.

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Gold – The History: The very distinctive colour and shine of gold already fascinated our ancestors. The precious metal made its first appearance 6,000 years ago. It decorated sovereigns and their …


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