Educational Materials & Service Packages

We are happy to announce Our New Name Humanity Academy and our up coming classes as of May we also preparing to move abroad and will continue with classes thru December 2018. Classes will be done live -in person, Live-online Streaming, Pod-casting, and Video’s On- demand. Some of these features may not be readily available until we make our final decision whether to stay in USA or move. We will keep everyone up todate.

We are shifting gears a bit: we are shifting our focus in providing service packages to small and mid- size businesses.  Small size business consist of less then 100 employees.  Medium size business consist of 101 -999 employees and also offering Individual business owner packages.

Most small and mid-sized companies don’t want to add six figures to the payroll to employ in-house counsel.

But what if you did?  What if you had a lawyer on payroll, sitting in the office right next door, readily available at his/ her desk, open for business? What would you ask Counsel? What would he/she be able to do for your company with mounting legal issues that is not getting done presently?  

  • We will work with the client to determine their legal priorities and turn that into a customized  In-House Counsel package. We will work with clients who would prefer to set quarterly goals in evaluating the In-house Counsel every three months, while others would prefer to enroll one year at a time. Example of area’s of focus:  Review and Revise Personnel Manuals, Prepare Employment agreements, NCND’s, drafting contracts, HR troubleshooting and dispute resolution, risk management, Negotiations etc, whatever is needed.                   Choosing Your Price.

             Once we agree on a scope of work, we give you a price to be divided into equal monthly payments throughout the term.  Clients have selected payments plans ranging from $725 to $2,700 a monthThe one imperative in pricing is this: We will not agree to enroll a client unless we can agree, to our mutual satisfaction that the value we provide is greater than the price our client pays.

Individual Business Owners/Entrepreneur Packages:

  As the clients tell us, not a day goes by when someone in their organization would love to  “run it by legal” if only they would not get billed for every phone call.  Here is a few Examples: 

Can I fire this employee?”  How should I handle this employee issue?”  We’re bringing on a new partner/member/shareholder.”                              We’re being sued.”  Can you help us collect money we’re owed?”  We’d like to position our company for sale.”  these are just a few concerns business owners are face with, it truly benefits them to have access to legal counsel without being nickel and dime with each phone calls.

Here’s is a snapshot of what we offer in our service package:

Unlimited phone calls and unlimited e/mails and correspondence, Contract review, Annual good standing reviews, updated corporate minutes, monthly in- person calls or conference calls and more based upon the scope of work load, the pricing does not include any seminars, workshops or projects however, business will receive 10% reduce rate.

Process:  There are no long term contracts.  This is design to be a month-to-month arrangement which can be terminated at any time.  Payment is accepted by ACH, credit card/debit cards, cash, cashier checks, and bitcoin, on the third of every month.                   

 Pricing:   is based upon each individual client’s needs and begins at $350 per month and typically ranges from $350 to $995..

 No-Cost Consultation

Business owners have enough to worry about without having to pay a cover charge just to find out if they need a lawyer.

We don’t believe in charging a fee unless we’re sure that we can provide value.  That’s why we offer no-cost consultations.  After our discussion, you can decide if you’d like to move forward.  Whether you do or not, the discussion’s on us.

 We don’t believe you should be charged for every conversation. So we’re happy to give you 30 minutes of our timeat no cost – to discuss whatever you’re facing right now………        Give us a call today and discuss how we can help or not? what are you waiting for? make that free phone call today!!!!