Educational Materials

We are happy to announce Our New Name Humanity Academy and our up coming classes Beginning April thru December 2018. Classes will be done live -in person, On-line, Streaming live, As a Podcast, Video and On- demand. Some of these features may not be readily available for the upcoming class in April.

We undoubtedly are in the process of building a tech team. THE COURSE TOPICS: Keep in mind these classes are being offer as BASIC 101 INTRODUCTORY Classes in the Following Area’s: How to properly draft pleadings, how to use affirmative defenses, how to draft effective motions, What is a cause of actions (called Elements) Courtroom procedures, trial procedures, courtroom decorum, how to use the powerful discovery tools, how to do proper legal research on-line and the use of law libraries, dispute resolution in an era of civil unrest, criminal law, criminal law private defenses, criminal law prosecution and criminal law public defense. How to properly address police officers or any law enforcements when you have been approach, held or detain by any of those 3 letter agencies. These are the Materials that will be covered in April class. Each month will offer new topics. Law that every one should be learning in an era of so much civil unrest and blatant disregard for constitutionality, basic humanity comfortability, the non existence of common good for humanity and the exercise of freedom.