“Want to Win”? Establish Credibility

1) Never argue with Judges.
2)Draft proper pleadings with all fact elements.
3)Obtain all necessary evidence before trial.
4) Make effective Oral Motions.
5) Draft effective written Motions, i.e. Judicial Notice
6) Use online legal research.
7) Draft compelling Memorandum’s or get help doing so.
8) Insure there is a written record of all proceedings.
9) Object promptly to all errors of opponent.
10) Object promptly to all errors of the Judge.
11) Renew objections to all un-cured errors of the judge.
12) Keep your opponent evidence out when possible.
13)Get your evidence in
14)Offer to draft all orders.  15) Stop opponents Attorney from testifying.

GAME OVER!!!!!!!!

  2018 New Services

Courtroom Antics, Tricks & Traps

There is a common tactic that judges do its called: Interruption: what judges do is they gather a stack of paper and slam them down on the desk, another tactic is slamming down the gavel on the desk or call for security, security, security come and remove this person, this is their way of imitating people causing a disruption in one's thought process, its an element of fear and surprise that will grip you causing you to lose your frame of thoughts when one is in the flow of their speech. This is called moving you out of your frame of Court. To entrap one's train of thought. If you wish to learn more, contact us today and get enrolled in one of our many upcoming classes beginning April 27 & 28 and May 11 &12 or 18th & 19th 2018. And onward.

Hotels Accommodations and Class location:

April Classes and Materials for 2 Full days is $147.95 Per Person and 25% discount for seniors over 60 will be held in Toledo, Ohio on April 27 & 28, 2018 from 9:15a to 6:15p, 1st day, and 9a to 7:15p final day with breaks in between with lunch provided on both days @ The Red Roof Inn: 3530 Executive parkway, Toledo, Ohio. 419.536. 0118. Currently room rates are $47.00 a night, rooms are completely modernized. A 50% deposit is required 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the schedule class and the remaining balance due 5 days before the actual class date. Need to have head count for class materials and for booking hotel rooms for attendee's. Better to fly into DTW Airport and take uber/lift/taxi to the hotel in Toledo Ohio it is a 45 minute ride.

BONUSES: Those who will be Attending classes in Toledo Ohio will receive FREE PASSES to use the entire Anyana-Kai Health Spa Facility during your visit in Toledo. Also Dr.Charmaine Bassett will do 1 hour free presentation about Anyana- Kia and its many benefits, and the numerous services it provides for total health during their 50 years in business. Along with a Saturday night cocktail hour. So come join us for exciting Two days of class, mingling and relaxation and bring your bathing suit, health issues, concerns, and questions for Dr. Charmaine Bassett.


Are We a Nation of Financial Illiteracy?

Survey has shown that two-thirds of Americans can't pass basic financial literacy test. Take out a $1000 dollar loan that has 20% rate for one year how much would you owe? Are you in business for your self can you determine your profit margins and financial loss? If not, lets take educated steps together in improving this Ratio. Humanity Academy will be offering financial classes 101 in mid year of 2018 TBD.

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Educational Materials.

We are happy to announce Our New Name Humanity Academy and our up coming classes Beginning April thru December 2018. Classes will be done live -in person, On-line, Streaming live, As a Podcast, Video and On- demand. Some of these features may not be readily available for the upcoming class in April. We undoubtedly are in the process of building a tech team. THE COURSE TOPICS: Keep in mind these classes are being offer as BASIC 101 INTRODUCTORY Classes in the Following Area's: How to properly draft pleadings, how to use affirmative defenses, how to draft effective motions, What is a cause of actions (called Elements) Courtroom procedures, trial procedures, courtroom decorum, how to use the powerful discovery tools, how to do proper legal research on-line and the use of law libraries, dispute resolution in an era of civil unrest, criminal law, criminal law private defenses, criminal law prosecution and criminal law public defense. How to properly address police officers or any law enforcements when you have been approach, held or detain by any of those 3 letter agencies. These are the Materials that will be covered in April class. Each month will offer new topics. Law that every one should be learning in an era of so much civil unrest and blatant disregard for constitutionality, basic humanity comfortability, the non existence of common good for humanity and the exercise of freedom.

Service Packages.

We are Proud to announce our up coming classes for 2018. There will packages for services only, Class packages, Group tutoring packages, One -on- one tutoring packages, Drafting and preparation of legal documentation packages, In- house counsel packages, Consultation packages, On-line /streaming live/podcast and on -demand video's packages, Staff training packages, Guest speaking engagements packages, and Courtroom legal representation packages. This is a pay-as- you go system. With that said, we will do what we can within reasons to accommodate those who have limited or fix income. However, NO Guarantee's, if we can even be of service to you. So plan well. Packages may vary from $500 up to $1 MM in range. We will accept all legal and circulating forms of payments, except credit cards temporarily. We will entertain monthly payments installments. Decide now which package is right for you and contact us today. APRIL CLASS and MATERIALS for 2-full days is $147.95 Per Person with full lunch included and 25% discount for Seniors over 60. PLEASE TAKE NOTE ALL SALES ARE FINAL, THERE IS ONLY STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGES.

Foreclosures & Real Estate markets.

Fact: While it's true that the federal reserve is involved with the banks and other lenders that the monies used by the banks and lenders comes from the FED at little or no interest. The Mortgage Company committed the ultimate fraud against you because they loaned you nothing to payoff the imaginary balance, so in fact you borrowed debt, not even their own debt instruments. You were told that you owe them the unpaid balance of your home and that you must pay back with interest in monthly installments. Now at closing, the mortgage company had you sign a Promissory Note in which you promise/pledge your sweat, your equity, full faith and credit against the unpaid balance. Then without your knowledge the mortgage company sold your promissory note (which is your credit) to a warehouse institution. Did any of you ever give permission to the mortgage company to sell your credit? and if so, where is your cut of the Profits??? More on this later Stay Tune.

Legal Advocates and Litigators


What do we do at the office of legal advocate and Litigation? Litigation attorneys handle all of the work that happens outside a courtroom. They file lawsuits, gather evidence, conduct legal research, meet with clients while maintaining regular communications on a regular basis. Litigators are known to attempt to mediate an out of court settlement when possible. However though there are times when this is unavoidable, so when this happens and trial is eminent litigators proceed with taking deposition during discovery phrase gathering and preparing the client(s) and any witnesses, obtaining subpoena’s and any newly discover evidence. Litigators true specialty is in legal research or general research, drafting and preparing documents, not very often in arguing cases before the court and at times not necessary! There are actual Trial Attorneys for that. However Litigators are very knowledgeable in such area’s as: Real estate, trust, wills, probate and the list goes on.    Make an appointment today.